What are your favorite sports? And of those, which teams?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Kaybek, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. Kaybek

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    For me, it's American Football all the way. I'm more a fan of college football than NFL and am a Texas Longhorns fan.

    NFL wise, I'm more a fan of players than teams and will follow the teams that have players I like more. If I had to pick teams, it would either be New Orleans Saints or San Francisco 49ers. Can't stand the Cowboys.

    Hook 'em Horns!

  2. Zeuriel

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    Im still a HUGE rotworms fan. they really know how to no kick the ball.

    o u meant IRL sports

    fencing i used to fence a lot. im not big on team sports
  3. Eltherion

    Eltherion Guest

    College football Georgia Tech

    Pro football Atlanta Falcons

    Baseball Atlanta Braves and Boston Red Sox

    not a basketball fan at all
  4. Foxy

    Foxy Founder, Administrator Staff Member

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    Football is my favorite sport, and I'm usually just a Chicago team fan, but I'll list em all......

    I'm a die-hard Chicago Bears fan, and have been since I was in grade school. It's just something about the legacy of the Bears, and how they were one of the originals. It's not to say that I agree with a lot of stuff they did/are doing, personnel-wise, but getting rid of Angelo was a HUGE start. Brian Urlacher is hands down one helluva player and the best hidden gem the Bears drafted. I'm not a big Cutler fan, but we'll see how it plays out this year with his thumb healed. A huge plus for me as far as the Bears go....I get to work a LOT of Bears home games so get to see a lot of stuff up-close and personal. Not so much meeting the players and stuff, as that is not in the cards, and certainly not part of my role when working Risk Management and Life Hazard. The view from the sidelines is incomparable, though I'm not on the sidelines often. But my role when working there allows me access to areas most folks could only dream of.

    Yes, I'm also a Chicago Cubs fan, so used to heartbreak that I'm now numb to it. To put things in perspective, my Grandmother was 2 years old when the Cubs last won a World Series, and she hopes that they win another before she dies, as she'll be 106 this year! I don't want to break her heart so I don't tell her that it may be another 100 years before they actually have a chance at winning. I'm hoping that dream she has is part of what keeps her going, still in her own house, and with all her wits about her at the young age of 105!

    I'm also a Chicago White Sox fan, and am particularly glad that Ozzie is gone to Florida. Yeah, he brought us a World Series title, but his tone, and abrasiveness never made me a fan of his. Robin Ventura is quite the gentleman, and I'm hoping his persona is what helps drive his team to the playoffs.

    I'm not a soccer fan, don't understand it very well and never follow it.

    Golf, I love it, play it, am very good at it, and wish I was young enough again to try out for the PGA. I'll have to get my kids into that. Great money, and no contact!

    I'm not a huge College sport fan, but to list a couple that interest me....

    Duke is by far one of my favorite College basketball teams! The coach, Mike Krzyzewski, is not only a fantastic person, but is a "grades first, basketball second" coach! He stresses the importance that the players got to Duke on scholarship for their abilities in basketball, but that they need to keep that scholarship by excelling with their grades. Anyone found to be under-performing with their grades, did not play. As a side note, I got to have lunch with "the Coach", at one firehouse I used to go to, because his brother was a Captain on the Chicago Fire Department! Not only did we have lunch, but he sat and talked, took pictures with us, and just wanted to "shoot the breeze". What a great guy!

    I like Big Ten Football, though it's a toss-up between Michigan and Illinois for favorite team. My younger brother is an alumni of Illinois, and is a die-hard Illini fan, often tossing it in his wife's face, who is a die-hard Tennessee Fan, even though they're in different Conferences. So I tend to side with him for his "protection" when watching Illinois.

    Hockey isn't a big sport for me, though I truly like the Blackhawks!
  5. Jason "JC"

    Jason "JC" Member

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    College I'm Texas Tech across the boards.
    Pros I'm a Houston Texans Fan for Football but Dallas Mavericks, Rangers, and Stars for everything else. Not a fan of Jerry Jones and his Dallas Cowgirls although I do like his cheerleading staff ;)
  6. Barbarella

    Barbarella Guest

    You a georgia native too?

    I only watch NBA. Generally I go for the mavericks. Or the team with the best color combo. How annoying girly is that?
  7. Eltherion

    Eltherion Guest

    Yep Ga native and still live here
  8. Barbarella

    Barbarella Guest

    Me too. Almost my whole life. Getting tired of it tho.
  9. Bitter

    Bitter Silent Spring

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    College - Penn State
    NFL - Steelers
    NHL - Penguins

    Yeah I live in PA and just a short drive from Pittsburgh.
    Thats about all I watch.
  10. Braandr_Kyle

    Braandr_Kyle Former Member

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    College Football- UGA! Go DAWGS!!
    NFL- Atlanta Falcons
    MLB- Atlanta Braves and I do check up on the Red Sox
    NBA- Atlanta Hawks (Not near as much as I used to be)

    I do follow English Premier league (Not as much as I used to) I was a fan of Celtic and Blackburn
  11. Yarralynn

    Yarralynn Guest

    I am a never die Charger fan. I don't always watch the games, I don't know who is on the team but I hear this every time I see the lightning bolt... boltup.png
  12. Powerdrunk

    Powerdrunk Founder, Administrator Staff Member

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    Football: Chelsea and AS Roma.

    American Football: Greenbay Packers. (Vince Lombardi was a legend of coaching and after I read his book I started supporting the Packers.)

    Tennis: Dolgopolov and Andy Roddick oh and Federer. . .
  13. Dunedain1014

    Dunedain1014 Member

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    Football: Chelsea, Man U, Barcelona (Messi anyone?), All time Favorite is Bayern - I started watching him/them on ESPN whenFranz Beckenbauer was playing. I played soccer as a kid because of him.


    NHL: Flyers! Pens ****, NJ *****, Caps ****.

    Tennis: Bjorn Borg, Conners, McEnroe, Wilander, and Lendl are my favs. Also like Sampras, Chang, Agassi, Martina Nav. , Graff, Seles, and Evert. At one point, I went to 5 straight U.S. Opens. Can you tell I played Tennis as a kid? :)
  14. Vega

    Vega Former Member

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    Wow, alot of Georgia folks! I use to live in Stone Mountain growing up... which is why i pull for the Falcons. Alot of my family still lives in Atlanta.

    College: Virginia Tech --- grad 98'
    NFL: Atlanta Falcons --- bring on the vick jokes

    I follow alot of other sports, and still play soccer twice a week... to some what stay in shape :)
  15. Eirie

    Eirie Guest

    NHL- Bruins
    NFL- Patriots

    Mainly a hockey fan, although I do watch quite a bit of football. Not really that into basketball of baseball, but if I do end up watching with friends, i'll root for the local team (in my case, Celtics or Red Sox)
  16. Areli

    Areli Founder, Administrator Staff Member

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    Favorite sports and teams in order of - well, favorite:

    NBA - Chicago Bulls
    Baseball - Chicago White Sox, St. Louis Cardinals (Cub fans understand this...hehehe)
    American Football - Chicago Bears
    College Football - Used to be Florida State, but I have enjoyed Watching the success at TCU and Boise State lately
    Hockey - Chicago Blackhawks, Philadelphia Flyers (goons, but I like em)
    That Other Football - Man U. (club soccer is fun - the rabid fans are almost more fun to watch than the sport itself)
  17. Foxy

    Foxy Founder, Administrator Staff Member

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    You now have another reason to like Boise State Kev. Hopefully, he's like Urlacher, with his versatility.
  18. RiffRaff620

    RiffRaff620 Guest

    I'm a fan of many sports none of which are the traditional ones, (football, baseball, basketball, etc). I've been a golf fan since I was a kid. I love the sport of diving because I trained for it for 8 years and coached for another 8. I am a huge fan of the Olympics and most of those sports. I like martial arts. I've done a few throughout my life for a time, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu being the most recent. That also makes me an MMA fan. I like training in sports rather than just watching them. Right now I am training for my second Spartan Race in September.

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