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  1. Vraith

    Vraith Member

    Main IGN:
    Do you agree to abide by the Rules and Code of Conduct?

    Which age group do you fall in?

    Gaming History
    My favorite game of all time would have to me Americas Army 2.0. That is actually where I met Foxy. :) I played it for a long while have a couple times recently since the project trying to bring it back.

    Since then I have tried a handful of MMOs.

    List of games I have played for more then a day :)

    Team Fortress 2
    All of the CoD games, all on pc except MW3 which I have for 360
    AA obviously
    Battle Field series

    Guild Wars
    Guild Wars 2
    D&D Online
    Age of Conan (If you count all the times trying to play it, it was more then a day.

    Right now I have been really big into League of Legends as well.

    Top 3 games that I am currently playing


    Previous Guilds?
    As far as MMOs I never stayed to long because most of the guilds I was in were leveling guilds or guilds after some time away had died out. The last guild in WoW I was in was a Guild called Nemesis, on an alliance server. They were 8/8 in Cata on HMs I was 4/8 normals when I left them. Rather I stopped playing WoW. SWTOR I currently have my own guild but my issue is I tend to get sick of playing the same games so I am looking for a Gaming Community over a guild. The best/longest I have ever been in a clan/guild/community is the one I know foxy from which started as EtF----->VdP------.316 I had a lot of good times there so I trust Foxy when I hear you folks are good people.

    Which game are you most interested in playing with Ascendancy?
    All of the Above

    Your expectations of Ascendancy?
    To be a fun, friendly, family of gamers. And not disappear if I take a break from gaming lol.

    How did you hear about Ascendancy?
    Referred by a Member

    Explain Other

    Who, if anyone, referred you to Ascendancy?

    Your preferred name?
    You can call me Ben or by any of my gaming names. P.S. only foxy is allowed to call me Benny. I am very strict with that name until I get to know someone.

    Any children joining us with you?
    If you count my buddy Jimbob, sure. If not, then no. I will probably link him to this site when I get a chance.
  2. Foxy

    Foxy Founder, Administrator Staff Member

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    Well well, it's about time BENNY!! Rofl!

    I'm glad to see you finally applied to our fine community!

    You already have our mumble information, so hope to see you on there very soon!!
  3. Vraith

    Vraith Member

    Main IGN:
    Took long enough on my part, but I will see you all on mumble. And I hope my mic doesnt sound too bad.. I am using my old one until I get my new one fixed from Astro.
  4. VegetaVarnay

    VegetaVarnay Founder, Administrator "Malgus Disciple" Staff Member

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    Welcome to the fam Ben
  5. Vraith

    Vraith Member

    Main IGN:
    Thank you :) It will probably be a few before I am able to hop on. I am halfway through my ten day stretch on midnights and trying to get adjusted to this as I used to be on days! :(
  6. Foxy

    Foxy Founder, Administrator Staff Member

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    Ben, given the fact that I've known you for a LONG time, I'm going to approve your membership!

    See you soon when your schedule allows!
  7. Bitter

    Bitter Silent Spring

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    Welcome Ben
  8. Vraith

    Vraith Member

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    Thanks Foxy!

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