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Discussion in 'Denied Applications' started by thewildman, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. thewildman

    thewildman New Applicant

    Main IGN:
    Do you agree to abide by the Rules and Code of Conduct?

    Which age group do you fall in?

    Gaming History
    My favorite PC games include SC2, Warcraft 3, GW1 and Ultima Online.
    My favorite console games are Fifa, COD, and the whole Tales series.
    I have been gaming since Mario on the NES and enjoy all types of games. I don't really have a favorite genre of game but I enjoyed GW1 immensely and have been enjoying GW2 for the past few days.

    Previous Guilds?
    I have never joined a guild. I have always played randoms.

    Which game are you most interested in playing with Ascendancy?
    Guild Wars 2

    Your expectations of Ascendancy?
    I'm looking for an active mature community to play the game with. Based on your description it seems that you have a tight knit community without having crazy attendance policies that affect things like jobs.

    How did you hear about Ascendancy?
    Our Recruiting Thread

    Explain Other

    Who, if anyone, referred you to Ascendancy?

    Your preferred name?

    Any children joining us with you?
  2. Kaybek

    Kaybek -Mostly Retired -

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    Hi Pete, thanks for your interest in Ascendancy. I'll send you our Mumble information so you can start hanging out with us there and we can all start getting to know each other. This is an important step of the application process as we believe it's important that applicants understand what our community expectations are as well as that we get a feel for if new applicants are a good fit for what we're trying to build here. Please fee free to come hang out with us on Mumble when you get a chance.

    Talk to you soon!
  3. Foxy

    Foxy Founder, Administrator Staff Member

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    Due to inactivity, and no response from you, we're denying your application at this time. While we are definitely a laid back community with no game attendance requirements, we take our application process to heart.

    If you'd like to reapply at a later date, let us know, and we'll get you moving again through the process.

    Thanks for you interest in Ascendancy!


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