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Discussion in 'Apply Here' started by spartonic, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. spartonic

    spartonic New Applicant

    Main IGN:
    Alt IGN::
    Do you agree to abide by the Rules and Code of Conduct?

    Which age group do you fall in?

    Gaming History
    I have been gaming since i was a kid on my N 64. The games that i enjoy most are mmorpgs such as world of warcraft which i have played since the beginning of burning crusade. I also love minecraft and playing with other players.

    Previous Guilds?
    I have been part of a guild called baptism by blood which was more of a family but most if the members have drifted apart recently due to real life problems. I really enjoy being part of an online community and meeting new people.

    Which game are you most interested in playing with Ascendancy?
    All of the Above

    Your expectations of Ascendancy?
    My good friend just recently joined your community and said there were some good people here and I would enjoy gaming with you.

    How did you hear about Ascendancy?
    See us in game a lot

    Explain Other

    Who, if anyone, referred you to Ascendancy?

    Your preferred name?
    I am ok with either Shelby or Spart

    Any children joining us with you?
  2. Foxy

    Foxy Founder, Administrator Staff Member

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    Hello Shelby and thanks for applying to Ascendancy!

    I see you also have our Mumble info, so please log on, join us in some games, and allow us to get to know each other!


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