[Sep 28, 2012] tPvP/sPvP Holmes?! (Heart of the Mists)

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by CharlieJ, Sep 22, 2012.

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    Hey everybody!

    I had gotten myself interested in seeing how tournament PvP works and thought "hey why not see who else might" and start planning some events. For those that don't know what tPvP is, it is just 8 teams of 5 players each in single elimination rounds and the top 4 receive prizes in the Open Tournament (free).

    1st place Prize: Tournament chest with some phat loots
    2nd Place Prize: Gold Chest
    3rd Place Prize: Silver Chest
    4th Place Prize: Copper Chest
    (Win you first elimination and you will receive at least copper chest)

    Please when you sign up reply with what type of build you plan to play with which disc.

    Types being:
    -Support melee and ranged
    -Damage melee and ranged

    e.g. "I'll be there with Damien Amiro Thief Damage melee"

    We would like to get the team set up for 2 support (1 melee 1 ranged) and 3 damage (1 melee 2 ranged/misc). A few of us have discussed this would probably be the optimal team make up. Now obviously we won't work to have this every time. We would like to see an even cycle so each player can get in an equal amount of play time in each tournament. Also help explore the different types of synergies out there with all the different play styles and I am sure there are an abundance of them.

    Each tournament starts when enough players sign up and there is a 5 minute wait/prep window before you first match begins. This will take time in-between each tournament so for those of you who may not being going in first round I would suggest that you sPvP with the others to have a warm up/practice until you are cycled in.

    I would love to see some interest in this especially since this is free tournament play and you can get some very nice looking gear from this as long as you place in top 4. I hope to see you all there I know I am planning my week around making sure I will be there for this because I am super excited about some tPvP action with you all. :D Enjoy your week!

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    I think we got better this last week, ready to give it another go! :)
  3. thragg

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    I'll give it a go.

    Ezio Auditorie: Thief, ranged/melee dps

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