[Jan 23, 2013] Path of Exile Open Beta (Mumble Hangout + Interwebs)

Discussion in 'Guild Events!' started by Bushnikov, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. Bushnikov

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    From the start of open beta through the weekend I will be playing Path of Exile quite a bit. There are no more character wipes so it's basically a soft release. They are still working on the game and I think there are 3 of the 4 acts completed. There may be server issues right away since they are a smaller company and I'm not sure what kind of load they're anticipating.

    I know there hasn't been much interest for it here but I'll be around in mumble if you want to group or talk. I'm pretty sure my first character won't be my main since I'll still be learning and most likely make mistakes in my build. I've been trying to plan but there's so many tree paths and skills I don't know about ._. We shall see! And again, it is F2P so it doesn't hurt to try it out!
  2. CharlieJ

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    Ye a I def plan to be there for most of this I'm always home by 5 an willing to play for a couple hours, tomorrow I am actually home by 1230 ish if you wanna start the groupage early man!
  3. Foxy

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    Sounds good guys!! Firehouse today, so I'll look at getting it downloaded tomorrow to at least check it out!
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  4. Kaybek

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    Thanks for sharing this, Matt! Have fun! :)
  5. Donatien1800

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    I have it downloaded. It's not my main type of game, but I'd be willing to play for a bit. Of course, that is assuming the one client I've been dealing with at work doesn't drive me insane.
  6. VegetaVarnay

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    it's a long download :)

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