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Discussion in 'Accepted Applications' started by GI_jim_bob, Jul 27, 2013.

  1. GI_jim_bob

    GI_jim_bob Member

    Main IGN:
    Do you agree to abide by the Rules and Code of Conduct?

    Which age group do you fall in?

    Gaming History
    I've played everything and anything and been doing is for almost 20 years :)

    Previous Guilds?
    316 vdp ETF and tons other the main thing that i love about guilds is that you get the chance to meet new people from all walks of life and from all over the world.

    Which game are you most interested in playing with Ascendancy?
    League of Legends

    Your expectations of Ascendancy?
    I just want a community of good people that want to have a good time and i feel AG will be a great fit :) some good friends are a part of this fine guild.

    How did you hear about Ascendancy?
    Referred by a Member

    Explain Other

    Who, if anyone, referred you to Ascendancy?

    Your preferred name?

    Any children joining us with you?
    not yet :)
  2. Foxy

    Foxy Founder, Administrator Staff Member

    Main IGN:
    Battle.Net Tag:
    It's about time Brian!! Oh yes, that's his name....and I'm gonna use it!!

    I've known Brian for almost 12 years now, and an above board guy. He's a real team player as well!!

    Welcome to Ascendancy!!
  3. VegetaVarnay

    VegetaVarnay Founder, Administrator "Malgus Disciple" Staff Member

    Battle.Net Tag:
    Welcome to the fam Brian!
  4. GI_jim_bob

    GI_jim_bob Member

    Main IGN:
    nice to be on board :p

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