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    Hello everyone, and welcome to the results for week two of the Ascendancy Fantasy Football league. Had lots of good matchups over this week, lots of people getting their first win, others sadly falling to the dreaded 0-2, and for two special teams, they are 2-0. So, without further hesitation, here are the results.

    Irish Dragons (1-1, 194.58 points) edged Kaybek's Krazies (1-1, 171.86 points) 88.86 - 87.40, led by Trent Richardson with 26.50 points and Jason Hanson who scored 16.00. Irish Dragons was the first to put points on the board and by Sunday was already in front 11.16 - 0. That lead faded away by the end of the early Sunday games and they trailed 72.90 - 55.86. Irish Dragons closed it out with a comeback on Monday night, thanks to 1.50 points from Julio Jones. (This was by far the most exciting matchup. It came down to the very end, and couldn't believe the luck Irish dragons had. Julio Jones just got him the points he needed to move past David)

    Corn on the Kolb got 25.22 points from Cam Newton, demolishing Malgus Disciple's, 108.42 - 61.74. It was a monumental beating, and the 46.68-point margin of victory was the highest recorded in the league this season. Maurice Jones-Drew led Malgus Disciple's with 12.70 points while Malcom Floyd racked up 10.90. On top of the loss, Malgus Disciple's had a starter score zero points (Antonio Gates). Corn on the Kolb (2-0, 215.84 points) shifts into second place and Malgus Disciple's (0-2, 136.86 points) stays in last place.

    Metal Heads got past Wolves 112.56 - 88.94 and registered the second-highest score in the league this week. While each team fell short of hitting their projections, Metal Heads scored 98.5% of a projected 114.24 points to get the win. Wolves, coming off a 121.32 - 75.12 win against Malgus Disciple's, saw their scoring drop substantially this week. Wolves (1-1, 210.26 points) winds up in third place while Metal Heads (2-0, 259.62 points) remains in first place.

    Fig Newtons put up the highest point total in the league this week and beat FoxHounds 126.54 - 108.60. Each team met their expectations but Fig Newtons scored 22.2% more than a projected 103.54 points to get the win. FoxHounds was coming off a 107.42 - 81.30 loss against Corn on the Kolb and saw their scoring increase this week. Adding insult to injury, FoxHounds had a starter score zero points (Aaron Hernandez). Fig Newtons (1-1, 205.68 points) moves into fourth place while FoxHounds (0-2, 189.90 points) goes to seventh place.
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    What a fun (and frustrating!!) week it was. GG to Mike's team for scratching and clawing this one out!
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    Arrrrghhhh.......fun though!
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    argh - my master plan of having Cutler and Marshall - I guess it's a work in progress :p

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