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    For those that cannot see whats going on, we have some interesting events going on in the league. Here is what happened in week one: *note* most if not all of this is just a copy/paste from yahoo lol.

    Kaybek's Krazies (David) (1-0) defeated Fig Newtons (Craig) (0-1) 84.46 - 79.14, led by Drew Brees with 23.56 points. Heading into Sunday, Kaybek's Krazies was in front 14.30 - 6.00. That lead faded away by the end of the early Sunday games and they trailed 58.84 - 51.56. However, Kaybek's Krazies pulled out the victory with a comeback on Monday night.

    Down 6.18 on Monday night, Corn on the Kolb (Shauna) came back, defeating FoxHounds (Bob) 107.42 - 81.30. Corn on the Kolb benefited from 21.30 points from Ray Rice and 18.00 from the Baltimore Ravens Defense. While each team fell short of expectations, Corn on the Kolb scored 99.3% of a projected 108.13 points to get the win. FoxHounds was led by Matthew Stafford with 15.50 points and Aaron Hernandez who scored 12.40. Corn on the Kolb (1-0) kicks off the season in third place while FoxHounds (0-1) begins in sixth place.

    Wolves got the second-highest score of the week to crush Malgus Disciple's 121.32 - 75.12. Wolves played very well and scored 34.0% more than their projected 90.54 points, while Malgus Disciple's failed to meet expectations and got just 88.6% of a projected 84.79. Malgus Disciple's was led by Peyton Manning with 20.42 points and the Denver Broncos Defense who scored 14.00. Wolves (1-0) starts off the campaign in second place while Malgus Disciple's (0-1) debuts in last place.

    Metal Heads put up the highest point total this week to beat Irish Dragons 147.06 - 105.72. Each team met their expectations but Metal Heads scored 51.4% more than a projected 97.14 points to get the win. Leading Irish Dragons, Aaron Rodgers (23.82 points) and Julio Jones (22.80) both ranked highly overall for the week. Metal Heads (1-0) starts off the season in first place while Irish Dragons (0-1) begins in fifth place.

    Needless to say, team of the week goes to Ed for putting up those numbers. Comeback of the week belongs to Shauna for being down the entire weekend until the final night. Congratulations all around. Stay tuned next week for week 2 results.
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    Thanks for putting this together, Craig! It's been a lot of fun so far :)

    Ed is definitely the guy to beat at this point!
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    LOL.....great way to keep up with the stats too!!

    Thanks Craig!!
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    Crap, I'm up against the Metalheads this week. (gulp!)

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