7 Man Premade Vs Catalyst

Discussion in 'PvP Videos' started by VegetaVarnay, May 6, 2012.

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    We had ran into them a few matches before when they had Jager and we had some newb pugs with us. Just watch and see how this one ends ;) when it's mostly us and they don't have Jager.

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  2. Barbarella

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    That's awesome.

    I only wish they would release "practice" WZ where you could pick the team you go up against. Team 1 and the j├Ąger/crossfire team they have going would be an outstanding match. IMO they are the only true solid 8 man on the imp side who could provide a real challange. I can't help but think that we might never go up against them when things go x-server. That would be a shame.

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